South ElectronicsSouth Electronics is an industrial distributor of electronic components with technology manufacturing clients located in North America, Europe, and Asia. Our commitment to quality, knowledge and customer satisfaction has created demand for energetic, goal oriented personalities to join South Electronics.


Why work at South Electronics?

Our client base includes some of the most innovative and largest technology companies in the world along with some of the most important private manufacturers located across two continents.  We offer unlimited earning potential with structured plans that rewards our top performers.  Our allegiance is to nurture personalities and their skills to create opportunities for success.

What makes us different?

Individual commitment to the group effort is what makes South Electronics successful.  We create value to our customers by understanding their issues and solving problems effectively with product knowledge, responsiveness, and credibility.  The goals, challenges and accomplishments of South Electronics are always celebrated together.

How is the workplace culture?

We prioritize fun at South Electronics.  Our team building events range from in-office promotions to paintball parties, company golf outings and social gatherings.  We have gaming stations set up for multi-location competitions and tournaments along with a large nerf arsenal.   Enjoying the workplace inspires creativity and innovation in our team.

Where do I start?