industrial photoIndustrial technology uses engineering and manufacturing technology to make production more efficient. In this sector of industries, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) often contract Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) to manufacture, test, repair and design their assemblies. EMS companies are the authority in the manufacturing process.

The ability to deliver quality product, Professionally designed, manufactured and assembled creates rapid deployment of goods to market, as well as provide optimal return on Investment (ROI). Modern EMS companies produce the highest quality product with their dedicated assembly factories, professional buyers, and seasoned production teams.

The United States is 2nd in manufacturing only behind China, and with the advent of onshore manufacturing and Lean Production, many estimate the US could rise to number 1 by 2020. The future of manufacturing in the United States is strong with a core group of those manufacturers (2/3) coming from small businesses. South Electronics works hard to keep manufacturers robust by delivering top quality electronic components at economical pricing.