Franchised for American BrightAmerican Bright manufactures one of the industry’s largest selections of high power LEDs, SMT chips, PLCC, LED lamps, IR emitters, Phototransistors and various LED displays.

Our bar-setting innovation and adventurous approaches to seek new opportunities make us the first choice as your reliable partner for creative LED lighting and assembly projects.


Through Hole

LEDSOur ultra-bright LEDs are the answer to the outdoor display that needs to function in harsh ambient environment. Color offers including AllnGaP super orange, super red, super yellow, green and InGaN blue. The BL-B 3mm and 5mm emit an enhanced brilliant light up to 30 times the intensity of typical LED lamps.


Display LEDSAmerican Bright offers one of the industry’s largest selections of standard and custom configurations. We offer single digit displays ranging from 0.28” ~ 5.0” to multi-digit display modules with up to six digits in a wide range of heights. Our products are available in all industry standard colors, supporting bi-color and tri-color operation. Besides digit, dot matrix and alphanumeric displays, we also provide a vast range of bar graph and icon styles as well as legend backlights.


SMT LEDSWith 1,500~4,000 pieces quantities on Tape & Reel, American Bright has the highest quality SMT chip LED products in the most popular 0402, 0603, 0805, 1204 and 1210 packages. LEDs in axial, gull-wing, yoke and “Z” styles are also available in industry standard configurations. American Bright offers one of the most comprehensive families of SMT LEDs, anchored by incredible design, quality and reliability.


PLCC LEDSAmerican Bright PLCC SMT is an excellent choice for dependable, long-life performance at low component costs. Application range from desk lamps to instrument panels to backlighting for large screen LCD displays. The American Bright PLCC SMT is made Pb-free, in compliance with RoHS materials and processes specs for globally conscious environmental consumers.


Infared LEDSOur full line of advanced infrared devices are suitable for both digital and analog control techniques. These products complement our standard IR series and are also available in SMT packages for various applications.

Chip On Board

Chip On Board LEDSOur innovative chip-on-board (COB) light engines take the guess work out of light source selection for your next luminaire design. With form factors as small as an inch and flux rating as high as over 1000lm, there is a simple plug-and-play solution for every lighting application.

AC Module

AC Module LEDSAmerican Bright’s High Power AC LED Modules provide an excellent solution for lighting manufacturers. Our patented AC LED Module represents a much simpler and more reliable solution for general lighting with 120VAC direct input. It packs high efficiency lighting power into a compact size that offers uniformity and configurability in an all solid state, dimmable package.

Custom Assembly

Assembly ServiceWe are pleased to offer custom assembly services to our North American customer base. We specialize in LED and display related assemblies. We value the opportunity to provide your company with efficient, hassle-free, cost-effective solutions for your assembly related challenges.