Global Sourcing

As you would expect from a complete solution company, our customers rely on our reach and experience in the global sourcing market to ensure we pass on the many benefits this position enjoys.

Global SourcingTo facilitate this, we have established multiple facilities. These offices have been formed to develop strategic relationships with suppliers around the world. All facilities work in unison with our worldwide sales network scouring the regional markets to secure the best possible prices.

We understand though, that when sourcing and buying electronic components it is not always about securing the best possible price – the devices must also be of the highest quality.

In an age of counterfeiting, often exacerbated by e-commerce, our customers can take comfort in the knowledge that, combined with our in house quality control, we also utilize test houses based in the US, Europe and Asia. This test house is dedicated to performing stringent inspections and tests on components.

By using dedicated purchasing teams and test house facilities, our customers can be sure that the risk of buying counterfeited goods is significantly reduced, allowing them to concentrate resources on other areas of their business.