Quality Policy

South Electronics provides products and services of the highest possible standards to meet or exceed our customers’ needs. We will strive for continuous improvement through product knowledge, customer information and counterfeit mitigations. We achieve these standards by creating, applying and controlling documented quality assurance systems that comply with industry quality standards.


Inspection Process

South Electronics, Inc adheres to JEDEC JESD625B, ANSI/ESD S20.20 and IDEA standard handling procedures.

IDEA Standard

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Inspect box for damage

Photograph any damage and report to carrier

Record weight prior to opening



Match vendor information to documents

Verify P/N and qualities to documents

Photograph contents while in box

Photograph contents out of box


Visual Inspection

Verify for compliant ESD packaging

Package type

Verify labels for authentic logos and manufacturer markings

Verify Quantity, Part Number, Manufacturer, Date Codes/Lot Codes

Verify Country of Origin

Verify Product condition, any signs of damage to the product or packaging

Product Condition, any signs of rework to body, leads, or remarking

Markings, symbols, labels or other indicators of authenticity or origin

Pin arrangement and pin count

Humidity indicator card status

Photograph label into database


Packaging Inspection

Determine if reels/trays/tube are third party or original manufacturers.

Inspect tape shipments are consistent and appropriate

Verify pin 1 placement

Verify trays are correct size for product.

Confirm proper Cover tray

Confirm tape leader and tail

Verify all products in tube/tape/tray are in correct position

Inspect loss of failing cover tape, cover tray, or tube stoppers

Inspect for missing parts

Inspect for any tape damage, tray damage or tube damage

If bulk product, verify no punctures in packaging

Verify that markings are consistent throughout reels/trays/tubes

Verify correct pitch for tape & reel products


Microscope Inspection

Inspect for bent scratched, broken, or missing leads

Inspect for corrosion or solder on leads

Inspect inside and outside of leads for scratches that indicate previous

use or mishandling

Inspect all leads for excessive shiny leads

Inspect parts for evidence of contamination

Insect surface of parts for potential resurfacing

Inspect parts for minor cracks on surface

Inspect parts for test marks

Verify bottom markings are consistent

Verify markings are vivid

Verify part markings are consistent

Inspect that identical parts within the same tube/reel/package have

consistent date codes and consistent lot codes/numbers

Confirm top and underside part numbers match

Inspect for evidence of pull or heat-seat markings

Confirm no burn marks

Confirm no dents in leads

Inspect for color variations on top and bottom

Verify no traces of glue

Verify all products are oriented correctly within package type

Verify from Data Sheet: Number of leads & dimensions

Photograph and document front and back for records



Verify Part numbers and quantities

Weigh product contents and record

Photograph and document products out of box

Package utilizing ESD & humidity control standards

Verify packing slip reflects contents

Inspect boxes while loading


Testing Capabilities

South Electronics, Inc works with multiple certified test facilities in Europe, Asia and America.


External Visual Inspection (EVI)Material Analysis (XRF)



Wafer imaging

Dimension Verfication

Scanning Accoustic Microscopy

Electrical Testing

Endurance Testing

Analysis and Investigation