Sourcing distributors are an immensely valuable resource in a $350 billion semiconductor industry.  Professional buyers need distribution channels to keep production lines running with product that may not be available through franchise distribution.  Allocations, obsolescence and cost savings will always be critical areas in electronic manufacturing.  Today’s manufacturers need sourcing specialists who can provide multiple services while maintaining high quality standards.  Distributors must have global connections with manufacturers and representatives, knowledge of current market conditions with real time pricing, expert knowledge of product, replacement options, and the ability to get information to buyers quickly and accurately.
South Electronics is leading the way to give you genuine supply options tailored to your business needs. Our dedicated approach to the sourcing of electronics components means that we provide customers with the full range of services that help them concentrate on their core competencies and ultimately save time and money. By combining the traditional strengths and expertise of a professional broker together with the operations of a Franchised Distributor and contract manufacturer we deliver a unique blend of value propositions, which together are supported by our total commitment to quality. South Electronics centers on the following key service offerings:

Component Sourcing

As you would expect from a complete solution company, our customers rely on our reach and experience in the global sourcing market to ensure we pass on the many benefits this position enjoys.

To facilitate this, we have established multiple facilities. These offices have been formed to develop strategic relationships with suppliers around the world. All facilities work in unison with our worldwide sales network scouring the regional markets to secure the best possible prices.

We understand though, that when sourcing and buying electronic components it is not always about securing the best possible price – the devices must also be of the highest quality.

In an age of counterfeiting, often exacerbated by e-commerce, our customers can take comfort in the knowledge that, combined with our in house quality control, we also utilize test houses based in the US, Europe and Asia. This test house is dedicated to performing stringent inspections and tests on components.

By using dedicated purchasing teams and test house facilities, our customers can be sure that the risk of buying counterfeited goods is significantly reduced, allowing them to concentrate resources on other areas of their business.

Purchase Price Variance (PPV)

Strategic pricing plays a critical role for manufacturers in the competitive electronic manufacturing industry.  Purchase Price Variance (PPV) is defined as the pricing difference between the amount paid to supplier for product and the actual cost of the product.  If the actual cost has increased it is known as Positive Price Variance, if the cost has declined, its’ called Negative Price Variance.  The goal of manufacturers is to procure electronic components below the standard price to increase the value of PPV.  South Electronics understands real time market strategy, and our teams goal is to improve your overall cost by up to 15%.

Shortage Procurement

Every technology manufacturing company will face a shortage situation at some point. Unexpected upsurge in demand, natural disasters, even political unrest in regions, along with dozens of other events can disrupt normal production, slow shipments and postpone delivery of materials. If production lines go down and manufactures can’t deliver product to consumers, the end result can be disastrous. Lean manufacturing reduces on-hand inventory and can cause mini shortages that waste valuable time for buyers and delay production schedules. We understand buyers’ needs can vary from thousands of resistors to just a few processors. South Electronics provides you what you need, when you need it.


The cause of obsolete electronic components can vary from subtle market changes to advanced technological innovations.   Due to changes in size, speed and demand, board level components often become obsolete before their end product does.  This mismatch in component and end product life-cycles create a need for manufacturers to have experts in sourcing obsolete electronic components.  South Electronics has over a decade of knowledge, research, and contacts to give purchasing professionals the resources needed to keep production lines moving.  Challenge our team of sourcing specialist to prove the value of having a knowledgeable distributor in your supply chain.

End of Life/Last time buy

End of Life is a defined as a product that has reached its useful life from that manufacturers point of view.   Technology often outdates itself in an age where the average life span of products is less than 6 years. This results in manufacturers continuously redesigning products or keeping extended inventory on hand. South Electronics creates assurance of supply by offering last time buy opportunities.  We can schedule or bond inventory for extended time periods ensuring stable production for years to come.