Excess Inventory Management

A key decision for manufacturers is how much inventory to keep on hand.  The instant inventory levels are established they become critical to the budgeting system.  Inventory management involves a delicate balance between demand stock and safety stock.  Once demand is met and safety stock has been supplied, excess inventory reduces the available cash flow and diminishes usable storage space.  South Electronics’ excess inventory management system allows customers to control their excess electronic components by utilizing multiple options.  Control your aging surplus inventory by selling a few lines or a lot, while maintaining control throughout the process.  Get started by sending South Electronics your excess electronic component list.  Please include manufacturers, quantity, condition, and date codes along with any additional information to sales@southelectronics.com

What do we purchase? 

  • FPGAs
  • Memory
  • Diodes and Transducers
  • Coils and Inductors
  • Connectors
  • Resistors
  • Microprocessors
  • Obsolete electronic components
  • New Excess IC’s and Semiconductors
  • Capacitors
  • Microcontrollers
  • LEDs
  • Relays and Switches
  • Logic and Timing
  • Displays
  • Hard Drives


List Electronic components (Sell by individual line item)

Looking for the greatest return on investment?   Line item sales give our customer the greatest control of pricing and stock per individual part.  South Electronics will post your excess inventory on dozens of global distribution channels that reach thousands of manufacturers, distributors and suppliers.  South Electronics also proactively contacts known users of similar products while keeping you and your company information confidential. As offers are submitted, you manage price and quantity sold from your inventory.


Lot Purchase (Sell entire lot of inventory)

Need to move an entire list of obsolete electronic components immediately?  South Electronics will send your lot of electronic components to our network of manufacturers and distributors worldwide for their bid on the full list of components. This gives you the power of thousands of offers while keeping you and your company private.  Once proposals have been submitted, you have the power of deciding to decline, counteroffer or accept.


Consignment (On-Site)

Don’t have time to count all the inventory?  South Electronics will come to you. This program gives you the ability to have our team audit the electronic components at your location.  We will list product on our global network and give you the option to sell products individually or by Lot.


Consignment (Off-Site)   Coming soon!